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The food would be good for the eyes

Have a healthy eyes, does not suffer from the diseases of the eye is the dream of every person. To have a healthy eyes as desired, you need to care, protect your eyes properly. Addition of the necessary nutrients to the eyes is one of the essential job so you have healthy eyes.

Monday, May 22

Harmful effects of late dinner

Eating late at night cause the body accumulate calories in the form of excessive fat, leading to weight gain and obesity. Make breakfast and lunches, nutrition-rich dinner "meager" to healthy body.

The harmful effects of tobacco for human health

Everybody knows smoking is bad for health. However, the rate of smokers tend to increase, particularly in the developing countries. There are many different causes leading to this situation, but the majority are due to a specific way of understanding about the harmful effects of tobacco smoke are limited, incomplete knowledge. It comes from the lack of measures to educate about tobacco and tobacco's harmful effects for human health.

6 foods that cause harm to health

There are good food for the skin but also the Group of foods harmful to health if eaten more. You consider before eating the food here.
The condition and increasing awareness, the sisters were active, conscious of health care as well as its external beauty. Here are 6 foods that cause harm to health that you should not eat too much.

The secret to muscle up quickly for

Can say, when you step into the gym and all have a common desire is to achieve the purpose of the self. Therefore, exercise combined with diet is essential. Your body needs energy and nutrition to adjust to changes in weight, the muscles. If you are with your diet menu yourself, then this article will give you a few tips how to prepare nourishing muscles:

5 height increase exercises help to get long and slender legs

Only need episode 5 height increase exercises below, you will get a good health, spiritual comfort and owner of long legs, compact.
How to workout:

Top 10 highest and lowest country in the world

Genes, environment and nutrition influence to human height, should be the only person higher lands and other lands have only low people.
In a recent study, scientists announced the list of the countries whose average height is most impressive in the world (only for men). Nothing surprises when the Netherlands is the country topped the list with average height is 1, 838m because this country from consistently famous is the land of the people "Giants". In the top 10 are also highly remarkable countries such as Montenegro or Denmark.

4 growing height

If want you to reach maximum height, parents need to understand age-4 young kids grow tall are: fetus, 0-3 years, 3-10 years old in females, 3-13 years in boys and puberty. Understand the physiology of the child helps parents have better child rearing methods. Let's learn details about the development of the child's height in this age.

The nutritious food for the brain

We will grow old as time, and our brains, too. However, we can increase the capacity of brain by eating foods full and balanced in the. The food and the amount of micro-substances below can help the brain of each of us to become focused and very sharp, the ability to memorize was markedly enhanced.

Caffeine ... help you more flexibility

Wake up early, eat breakfast right

The breakfast is eaten yourself. But not just eat a lot, truth or eat at would also be. Because there are reasons for it:

5 fruits you should eat breakfast

Fresh fruit is a great choice for your breakfast as they are not easy to eat but also contains many nutrients, very good for the body.

Instead of eating a lot of foods high in fat or contain a lot of sugar, you should eat fruit. The fruits as below will provide the energy needed for the body to you may be awake, clearly solve the work in the morning. 
Here are some of the fruits you can choose for a healthy breakfast: 

Why eat fruits in the morning?

If you choose to eat fruit in the morning, it will be very good for the body, bringing the nutritional value and produce substances that are beneficial to human health.
According to scientific research, the morning is the Golden time to eat fruit. If you choose to eat fruit in the morning, it will be very good for the body, bringing the nutritional value and produce substances that are beneficial to human health.

The secret to having abdominal muscles 6 fastest

1. high-intensity training at least 4 times/week

How long abdominal muscles emerge 6 time zones depending on the amount of body fat (body fat) is how much. Normal body fat is located at a level of 10% or less then 6 time zones abdomen will reveal very clearly (like Cris Ronaldo or Diego Forlan) If your body fat by about 14% see only two time zones in the upper abdomen.

3 quick weight loss fruits for today

What kind of fruit you see often on really have so many uses that help you lose weight effectively and safely thanks to the natural essences. Let's combine the foods along with the weight loss exercises to develop highly efficient applications to help you quickly get in shape compact. Here are some of the fruits are highly effective weight loss and easy to find.

4 foods that help the baby smart

As a parent, who also want the baby to love strong home stay healthy, holistic development, smart higher every day. To achieve that asked you have to have a process of care, baby care and teaching science, including adequate nutrition, balance play a vital role, with meanings like will advise you the 7 foods that help little smarter every day as follows.

7 best foods for the heart

1. oat Flour (oatmeal)
Long ago, in the West it is often used for hot mix oatmeal every morning for those who need to keep a good accent. Just half a cup of oatmeal each day, not the offered 130Kcal energy but also get 5 g of fiber are beneficial for the heart (help reduce cholesterol and keep body weight at a healthy level). A good effect is used oatmeal in the morning will make no sense to lunch so you will reduce snacking between sessions (junk food is one of the reasons for creating obesity). Oatmeal and nuts such as: barley, wheat, brown rice ... help reduce the risk of diabetes as well as the risk of cardiovascular disease. Brown rice can be used to replace the oatmeal. The American Diabetes Association recommends a daily intake of fiber is 21-38fs depending on gender and age.

3 fitness exercises at home for the body

1. Walking, treadmill:
No one can deny the benefits of jogging: not the burn large amounts of calories which helps lose weight also enhances cardiovascular health, improve digestion, reduce depression, also improved the lot of the condition:
Pose running:

5 fitness exercises at home for men

If you are too busy, the Foundation of his time not enough abundance to come to the gym, then in the following article, ELLE Man will introduce to you some exercises at home for busy people.

ELLE MAN introduced 5 bodybuilding moves at home for not so complicated as well as require more tools that still brings high efficiency.

Why you should exercise every day

You need a reason to exercise? The following are the reasons for you to start.

You think if someone told you that become compact, healthy and living longer are within reach? Incredible listening too right? According to the study, the exercise is the core for a better quality of life.
The regular exercise not only helps in weight loss, but also omitted the risk to diseases as well as chronic condition. Let's find out what activities you like and turn it into a daily routine to get long life and healthy. List the benefits of exercise are extremely significant, and these require very simple back-just embarked on.

5 healthy food groups

To have a healthy body, the special thing necessary is a reasonable diet. You remember always ensure sufficient 5 main food groups every day meal menu for you and your family.

Eating food habits is the solid foundation for health and physical development as well as the spirit of every man. Rational nutrition will protect the body from disease, bacterial infection, develop balance.
To have a reasonable diet and balance to the body, you don't forget the 5 food groups necessarily requires in daily diets:

10 foods with health benefits indispensable daily

Foods beneficial to health is always a concern of everyone. Let's explore article 15 nutritious foods and their effects.

Eat or eat? You always get the tips on what foods are good for your health. In this article, we have launched 10 healthy foods that are not controversial and you will see a lot of surprising things.