Monday, May 22

3 fitness exercises at home for the body

1. Walking, treadmill:
No one can deny the benefits of jogging: not the burn large amounts of calories which helps lose weight also enhances cardiovascular health, improve digestion, reduce depression, also improved the lot of the condition:
Pose running:

-When running the look ahead (not bent up or down) straight neck and low back, so that the body is in a straight line, not too inclined to advance

-Keep the shoulders relaxed, loose and low square not swaying from one side to the other side

-Keep the elbows bent at an angle of about 90 degrees. Your arms should be relaxed and move in coordination with your stride

-Rocking your arms up and down

-The knee and foot:
+ Run should not pick up where knee high to save energy
+ High knee Lift if you Sprint to strength training and speed

-The foot should land softly, not grounding with the top toes

Don't have the time, or the influence the weather or the environment, do not want to go to the gym by the eight tables in the body does not like Italy, you can buy yourself work out machine running right at his house.
Plan on the treadmill is made up of three stages:

1.10 minutes of launch.

2. Alternating intervals of 30 seconds all out Sprint and 60 minutes of recovery jogging

3. cool down 5 minutes before the end.

Note: you should incline 1% (beginners with 0%-0.5% tilted and moved up to 1% when coach proficient). Increasing this setting will tilt just like the outdoor workout has a slope and resistance from wind helps to practice more efficiently.

2. Jump Rope:

Jumping rope is the simplest way of transformation of the body, not the weight loss that jump rope helps improve cardio endurance strength, coordination and agility. This exercise burn calories every minute of practice. All what you need is to rope, jumping as much as possible and as much as calories per minute.
Do as many good single every time jumps from 20-25. You can exercise the same ones in the family such as: child or husband (her lover) in the comfortable environment of the same rope long enough by his height.

After just 1 week you will feel is the transformation of the body!

3. Squats:

Exercises are Squats is a full body exercise, if you are wishing to have a neat slender toned legs then don't miss this exercise:
Stand with feet wide with shoulders, bends the butt down 90 degrees. Put all your body weight on the heel is not top of the toes. The move from the original location to complete 1 squats

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