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4 foods that help the baby smart

As a parent, who also want the baby to love strong home stay healthy, holistic development, smart higher every day. To achieve that asked you have to have a process of care, baby care and teaching science, including adequate nutrition, balance play a vital role, with meanings like will advise you the 7 foods that help little smarter every day as follows.

Food helps smart baby

Drink milk everyday helps your baby smarter

-The concept of "milk" here include breast milk and formula, this is the first nutritional source, important and essential for the comprehensive development of young children.

-In mother's milk, with DHA and ARA very rich platform is composed of brain tissue, composed primarily of grey matter and the retina of the young brain. Nevertheless, to babies can absorb good amount of DHA needed, in full, the mother's diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding need adequate and balanced nutrition to source the best milk supply for your baby.
-In the first 6 months, you should be feeding entirely in mother's milk and then gradually set feeding with formula milk, is also a rich source of DHA for small children. So based on the nutritional content of breast milk, the milk powder manufacturers and food for small children have more DHA into their products, along with one other fatty acids is ARA essential for the development of the intelligence of the child when the mother's milk was no longer provide adequate nutrients for the baby after the first 6 months.

Chicken eggs are food help baby smarter

-Eggs are food rich in protein, vitamins and minerals are very essential for the development of the child. In addition the eggs also are rich in DHA and lecithin, not only promote the development of the nervous system and the body that it can invigorate the brain to grow healthier. In addition, in chicken egg yolk also contains substances choline is very beneficial for your baby's memory.

-Therefore, parents need added eggs into your baby's diet, it is best for baby to eat in the morning, make sure to cook thoroughly and chĩn per week for each baby should only eat from chicken egg 2-3.

-In particular, you should note, to ensure safety, should only eat chicken eggs for baby after 9 months of age and should only be feeding him chicken eggs, egg Cochin will be better than the chicken egg industry.


-In whole grains have not yet great amounts of vitamins A, B and C groups help nourish the cells and nervous system. In addition to grain, iron, zinc, is also not the decreased risk of obesity but also to complement and enhance the child's physical development.

-In particular, is also a source of energy (glucozơ) necessary for the operation of the brain, the fiber contained in whole grains will help regulate harmony glucozơ has sugar in the body, which helps the baby develop body balance, comprehensive. Therefore, the parents do not forget grain supplements on the diet each day of older, better feeding in the morning to be able to provide energy for baby love activity all day.

Beans, green vegetables

-Beans, (beans, peas) are the foods that contain large concentrations of prôtein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, starch gaifu energy, helps baby to love healthy, smarter every day.

-Vegetables are sources of large amounts of natural vitamins, fiber and very useful for the development of the child's brain. However, the parents should not be feeding only fixed a few vegetables that instead should choose a variety of vegetables to taste stimulation of the baby and provide diversified sources of vitamin abundantly, push for the development of the child's mind and fitness. At the same time the parents should note the supplement ingredients for baby vegetables in the meals the first mile to get familiar with the taste of the vegetables and not "afraid" of eating vegetables later on.

-The vegetables that the mother can feed her regularly, alternating includes tomatoes, eggplant, pumpkin, carrots, sweet peppers, corn ... not only is a source of vitamins, fiber, in this food also contains large concentrations of the antioxidant, do to restore these damaged cells in the brain of the child very effectively.
The beef is good food for the brain development of young

-Which mainly lean beef, in this food contains a very large amount of iron and zinc underpinned the solidity and stability of the brain to easily focus more and increase the effective memory. Thus, the more essential than beef for older children are in school age.

-With beef you can for your baby to lots of dishes to stimulate the appetite, help little more delicious food, absorb better nutrients include congee, soup, soup, beef, beef steak, sauteed beef roll

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