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4 growing height

If want you to reach maximum height, parents need to understand age-4 young kids grow tall are: fetus, 0-3 years, 3-10 years old in females, 3-13 years in boys and puberty. Understand the physiology of the child helps parents have better child rearing methods. Let's learn details about the development of the child's height in this age.

The fetus
The height of the child has strong development right from the age of the fetus. Since the 4th month, the child's bones begin to form and grow quickly. By the way, the latest at this time mom should eat lots of calcium-rich food, frequent sunbathing to support increasing the height for the child right from within the womb.

If this time my mother eat well, sleep well, spiritual comfort, increased about 8-15 kg then the children born that can reach a height of 50 cm. With this height, in future the child will about 170 cm tall, a height value for the dream of the Vietnamese people.

0-3 years
In developing age of 4 Chieu cao, at the age of 0-3 child height development speed is the fastest. This is a gold development stage 3 in height.

If good care, early years and young can increase height 25 cm more, 2 the next year each year increased by 10 cm. Total height was increased in children this age is 45 cm, accounting for about 60% of the height of children achieve in the future.
Nutrition and sports are two most influential factors to the development of the child's height. If parents make for baby a scientific diet combining sports training will stimulate reasonable height development of children. Conversely, lack of eating, lazy athlete will suppress hoorom secreted growth causes rickets, malnutrition, slowly grew.

Therefore, when you step into this age, parents have to regularly replenish nutrients for older, height weight tracking of children each month to have promptly when health trouble.

3-10 in women and 3-13 in the South

In this age, the height of boys and girls continue to rise but it increases slower than the year before. Each year high kids more about 6-7 cm. This is considered the first step in preparation for a big ngoạt step when children entered puberty with a speed of development height extremely strong.

The age of puberty
My daughter started and finished puberty earlier than boys, puberty's daughter is 10-16 years, and of the son is 13-18 years.
However the height of the child do not steadily increased during these years, there will be 1-2 years young height 8-12cm hikes. But we can not know height increase opportunity for children with the most powerful falls in years. Therefore, throughout the years of puberty, the parents should always focus on nutrition for children, full of encouraging children to achieve the most optimum height.

After puberty, young body continues to grow and improve, the bones still long but very slow and very little. Even the total height many years later is not equal to the height of one year has increased in the age of puberty. For women, the process of increasing height will stop at age for males age 25 height will not grow anymore.

So, to help you develop the best height, parents need to understand the physical, process of formation and development of the child's body in each of the age to have the best support measures. The height effect by many factors, the parents can intervene to improve the height for the child. Prepare the basic knowledge to parenting and healthy.

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