Monday, May 22

5 healthy food groups

To have a healthy body, the special thing necessary is a reasonable diet. You remember always ensure sufficient 5 main food groups every day meal menu for you and your family.

Eating food habits is the solid foundation for health and physical development as well as the spirit of every man. Rational nutrition will protect the body from disease, bacterial infection, develop balance.
To have a reasonable diet and balance to the body, you don't forget the 5 food groups necessarily requires in daily diets:

Fruit and vegetables

They will help to make the meal more abundant, there is more substance and can eat daily, they are good for a quick meal options. You should eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day. Many studies have shown and suggests such diets can help protect you from cancer, obesity and a number of chronic inflammatory disease and especially cardiovascular disease. Because they contain natural and nutritional content of many vitamins are good for the body.

Bread, cereal, pasta and Western science

This food group will constitute your diets 1/3 and contain much starch has cacbonhydrat to provide an energy source for the body.

When choosing the type of food group, so choose them intact, not prepared will be better, we will bring more nutritious than those types were preliminary.

Milk and dairy products

Dairy products provide many fats, vitamins and other substances necessary for the body, however, should only use them as a more distinct êăjc, if drink 1 cup of milk at breakfast would be the best choice. Avoid taking too dairy amount allowed in a day, because they can make you redundant, or stuck in some way infections.

Meat, eggs, fish and beans

This is the indispensable food group of the body. Everyday, you should change the meal of meat, eggs, fish, and swim. This is the food group provides the main protein for the body, helps the muscle metabolic processes of the body are made good. Those with the food rich in protein, when choice you should consider serving in a packed, in a day and in a week accordingly.

The food and drinks that contain high fat and sugar content

This is the only food group should take a little weight every day, they are indispensable in the body but if used too much also cause many dangerous diseases such as obesity, fat, blood infections, diabetes mellitus

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