Monday, May 22

5 height increase exercises help to get long and slender legs

Only need episode 5 height increase exercises below, you will get a good health, spiritual comfort and owner of long legs, compact.
How to workout:

Exercise 1:
-Supine on the floor, hands put the flanks and deck, retrieved two foot poles collaborated with the force of the neck and head with pushing hands person heads up stomping strides on.

-Hold the pose for three seconds and then lower down on holiday at a time, then continue with the exercises people stomping strides again.

Exercise 2:

-Both hands to the front so that the soles of the feet of horizontal rotation and land, stretching right foot to the side, left foot contraction, so that the nose of the left foot hits the ground.

-Perform stretching the body, doing leg stretching. Perform 15-20 times, then changed sides continue to perform exercises to increase height.

Exercise 3:
-Stand holding of the Chair, creating V-shaped legs, heels touching each other, the two khuỵu down pillow, the toes separated by chevrons.

-Khuỵu two pillows and two lifting the heel off the floor centiment couple. Then, lower the hips until you feel the stretch head 4. Flex up and down. Made from 10-15 times Flex up and down.

Exercise 4:

-Comfortable standing posture, then kicked one leg to traversed and then kick into the lower right front foot down. Note do not set foot on the ground at the end of a movement.

-Perform leg so constantly and change sides until hot and sweaty legs.

Exercise 5:
-Lying sideways to the right, upper body leaning up to elbows and body 3. The left foot on the right foot and bent slightly two pillows.

-Lift the left leg up to keep it at a certain level, then lower down. Stretch both legs then lowered the initial posture, feet under floor insulation keeps 2.5-5 cm towards the front knee.

Every day just spend about 15 minutes of practice, certainly after just a short time you will get long legs and compact models.

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