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6 foods that cause harm to health

There are good food for the skin but also the Group of foods harmful to health if eaten more. You consider before eating the food here.
The condition and increasing awareness, the sisters were active, conscious of health care as well as its external beauty. Here are 6 foods that cause harm to health that you should not eat too much.

1. Food containing a lot of sugar

Foods that are bad for your skin makes your blood sugar were rising, leading to the excess insulin and androgens – a main reason why your body excess sebum, causing acne.

They not only make you more prone to weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, but also provide extremely negative effects for your skin as the skin, increase skin wrinkles, dull lot.

In addition, U.s. researchers warn eating too much sugar can cause the human brain activity slowed.
2. Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks is a nightmare for your skin. I suppose that you are a successful woman, and the party is where you have to frequently visit, you need to know that carbonated drinks did devastate your skin very quickly.

They cause the skin to become dry Assembly, creating the wrinkles in the forehead, around the eyes, lips maneuvering. One thing for sure, the more you load into the body of the substance more then you will grow old faster, faster skin aging whether you use lotion.

Carbonated drinks can cause irritation of the bladder activity, how do you control the bladder and it tends to be vulnerable to "leaks" urine or minor loss of control.

3. Processed food available

The refined foods, such as canned processed meat, smoked meats, canned fruit, canned fruit juice is the food with less fiber, much of the road.

Moreover they contain a lot of preservatives that if you load into the body will make you skin is affected first. So, instead of eating canned food, processed, you eat fresh food selection.

Do contain more sugar, salt, fat and preservatives ... food processing should be treated as "culprits" cause of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, even cancer.

4. food: red meat is bad for your skin

If you are responding to a menu for yourself including red meat, please reconsider. Red meat contains saturated fat content extremely high, they will cause your body to suffer from excess fat melon.

Eat lots of red meat will cause the ability you trapped the cardiovascular diseases. Science has proven that eating more red meat will cause the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and diabetes increase. This you will feel most pronounced over his dull skin.

5. Fat metabolism

Excess heat applications such as chips, fried foods lead to oxidation of fatty acids and the destruction of the antioxidant nutrients like vitamin E, omega-3 fatty oils/grease in there.

So, if you regularly eat this food, they will make you capable of atherosclerotic disease, high cheeks you quickly aging. The more you minimize the foods rich in trans fat how much you improve the freshness and vitality of your skin. So, please avoid harmful foods for health.

6. The food is too salty
The structure of your skin will be damaged severely if you do salt abuse. Salt meats, pickles, salted foods, canned products are the food sources that are harmful for the skin potential causes you to be area of salt.

Salt is one of the motivating factors and triggering factors negatively affect the skin. Not only is the disease such as: cardiovascular, blood pressure ... that the traditionally "transition" will form the wrinkles on the skin.

When eating too much salt, the sodium ions more up will break the balance of the skin leads to dehydration of the cells, especially the skin cells. The skin becomes dry, loss of elasticity as do accelerate the aging process of the skin, the skin will become edema and less vitality.

Eat a lot of salt is dangerous cause leads to high blood pressure, increase cardiovascular and kidney burden, inflame the trachea and exacerbates the intestinal disease ...

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