Monday, May 22

Harmful effects of late dinner

Eating late at night cause the body accumulate calories in the form of excessive fat, leading to weight gain and obesity. Make breakfast and lunches, nutrition-rich dinner "meager" to healthy body.

Should eat dinner before 7 pm

Many studies of lifestyle shows that when feeding intolerance in late-night, the body is more likely to store excess calories as fat and weight gain is something that can happen.

Researchers at Northwestern University would like to check the time of the meal can affect body weight or not. Many of the recommendations relating to diet advice should stop eating after 6 pm or 7 pm. However, we tend to eat too much in the evening when sitting in front of the television and computer screen.
Late dinner easily cause weight gain and obesity

A new experimental research on mice shows that not only how much food, eaten during the day will affect the weight.

To check time can affect body weight or not, scientists have studied two groups of rats fed with diet of identical food containing fat 60%. The mouse is nocturnal, they usually consume the majority of their calories at night and sleep during the day. For this study, half of the mice were fed a diet on the day when they are often sleep-simulation as supper in person. The remaining half was taking the same food as their conventional eating schedule.

On the weekend of Friday's study, the rats in both groups had about the same amount of calories consumed alike and perform the same function as each other. However, the mice were eating when they usually sleep 48% increase in average body weight. The mice had eaten on a schedule usually attributed rise an average of 20% of the body weight. These findings will be published in the Journal obesity journals Obesity.
Fred Gdańsk, Director of the Center for sleep and the biological cycle at Northwestern and is the main author of the study, said the research on humans is necessary to determine the time eat affect the body weight, but research suggests that eating late at night is bad habit and cause weight gain than eating on the other times of the day. These findings are especially important for workers doing ca, who is known to have a higher risk of the disease of obesity, diabetes and other health problems. But it also noted that the aforementioned didactic reasons work not only affected workers who do ca must eat late, which affected almost all who eat with a large proportion of their calories in the evening and continue eating late at night.

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