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The nutritious food for the brain

We will grow old as time, and our brains, too. However, we can increase the capacity of brain by eating foods full and balanced in the. The food and the amount of micro-substances below can help the brain of each of us to become focused and very sharp, the ability to memorize was markedly enhanced.

Caffeine ... help you more flexibility

These substances such as caffeine does not increase your IQ but it can help flexibility and concentrate more while working. Caffeine is often found in coffee, chocolate, drinks, and some medications. However, if used too much of the substance will cause you feeling restless, uneasy.
Sugar increases alertness

Glucose is an energy supply is very good for your brain. It is your body's metabolism from the sugar-containing foods and substances-carbon clathrate. That is why drinking a glass of sugar water can enhance memory, thinking and cognitive ability. However, eating too much sugar will deplete your memory, so you should eat a sufficient amount of sugar will increase the memory without fear of gaining weight.
Proteins good for brain function

One of the benefits of protein to help you prolong the memory. The diet more lean meat and less fat will be very good for weight loss and good health, further it also good for brain function.
Fish-food for the development of the brain

Protein source associated with the brain's main fish-foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, necessary for the development and function of the brain. These healthy fats will create a smart brain more often: high omega 3 fatty acids will reduce dementia and risk of stroke; and has an important role in increasing memory locations, especially in the elderly.

To have a healthy brain and heart, eat two fish meals per week.
Walnuts and chocolate ... reduce aging

Walnuts and its seeds are rich in vitamin E-the substance reduces the likelihood of aging due to age. Black chocolate can also function against the oxidation is very strong and has all natural stimulant like caffeine – the substance increases the brain's ability to concentrate.

Eating 28, 35 g walnuts and black chocolate each day will bring all the necessary things without fear of excess calories, fats and sugar.
Vitamin E supplements by avocado and grain

All organs in the body or weaker depends on blood circulation, especially the brain and the heart. Eat whole grains and fruits as vegetables can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and do blood work helps the blood circulation to the brain can be a simple and easy way

Cereal grains such as corn, wheat also provides fiber and vitamin E needed, while avocado fat provides bills no active nourishing blood and effects brain
Green Strawberry fruit-nutrition for the brain

Studies on animals show that green Strawberry fruit helps protect the brain from oxidative process and can reduce the disease due to age like Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The study also said that rich green Strawberry fruit diets will significantly improve both the ability to memorize and mobilization of the mouse experiments and create for them an equivalent memory with less years of mouse.
Vitamins, minerals and trace elements

Need to reserve a quantity of trace elements necessary for a healthy body. Although there are many reports on the effects of these trace elements with the brain as vitamins B, C, E, beta-carotene, and magnesium brings a lot of promises but no formal conclusions are made.

The researchers are very optimistic about the combination of ginseng, tree leaf blower or vitamins, minerals and herbs and their effects to the brain. Use the mixture consisting of multiple vitamins daily is good but need to consult a doctor before taking other substances.

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