Monday, May 22

Wake up early, eat breakfast right

The breakfast is eaten yourself. But not just eat a lot, truth or eat at would also be. Because there are reasons for it:
1. Wake up early, eat breakfast right

This is the habit of not a few people. Up from 5-6 in the morning and sits right on the dining table. They do so because of the additional thought needs nutrition for the body after a long night, conducive to the absorption of nutrients. But actually, the breakfast too early without health benefits but also cause injury to the stomach.

During the relatively long night sleep, the body parts in the body is at rest, but digestive organs because of the need to digest and absorb food dinner, should usually come early on in the new State of rest. Breakfast too early to directly influence the rest of the stomach. Continuously for a long time will damage to the gastric function.

Tips: the best after the wake, you drink a cup of water filter water to replenish the decimated during sleep. Mobility, work home from 20-30 minutes and new breakfast is best suited.

2. overeating breakfast nutrition

In the early morning, if eaten too many nutritionists will exceed the capacity of the stomach, digestion of food not to be absorbed before, long ago, reduced the metabolic, leading to digestive diseases, obesity.

Tips: eat breakfast according to the principle of balanced nutrition, choosing the food easy to digest, more fiber, less sugar, less fat food such as congee, cow's milk, soy milk, garlic, ... should not eat many greasy, fried, fried, food has a strong stimulus and should not eat too no.

3. Cow milk and eggs to main feed 

Milk and eggs are mostly feed people's in the breakfast. But such food is not science. The body in the morning need to replenish the energy in that powder sugar has an important role. Milk and eggs, but rich in protein but can not provide enough energy for the body, very fast hungry, certain influence to the stomach, directly affects the performance of work and learning, especially for children.

Tips: with Easter eggs and milk should be combined with additional food energy as porridge, dumplings, pastas ... Grains contributed to provide adequate amount of powdered sugar for the body, conducive to the absorption of cow's milk.

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