Monday, May 22

The secret to having abdominal muscles 6 fastest

1. high-intensity training at least 4 times/week

How long abdominal muscles emerge 6 time zones depending on the amount of body fat (body fat) is how much. Normal body fat is located at a level of 10% or less then 6 time zones abdomen will reveal very clearly (like Cris Ronaldo or Diego Forlan) If your body fat by about 14% see only two time zones in the upper abdomen.

To burn calories not the wings would fast and efficient than sport exercise, especially weight combine cardio exercise. Each hour of heavy weight will burn around 400 calories. Each 30 minutes of cardio exercise (jogging, jumping rope, cycling, elliptical machine, exercise ...) takes from calorie 250-350.

1 kg fat as calculated born 9,300 calorie, so if one day you exercise to be 500 calorie consumption and keeping the dining level as the old 1 month (with an average of 20 days of training) will lose about 1.1-1.2 kg of excess fat. So, with a height of 1, 70 m weighs 80 kg and are about 18% body fat, that totally didn't see belly time zone would then take about 4 months of active exercise can take body fat about 12% level and at this 6 time zones will appear out belly.
2. Eat more meat and protein

When the muscle activity, strength need protein to repair, regenerate and help growth. The nutrition guidelines of the additional weight the amount of protein than usual. According to the calculations of normal people need 1 gram of protein per 1 kg weight/day, sports players need 1.5 grams-2 grams, 1 kg/day.

100 grams of lean pork thigh 19 grams protein, 100 grams of chicken is 22 grams of protein and 100 grams of beef for 24 grams of protein. There are also many protein in beans (soybeans, green beans, black beans ...) however the plant protein the body takes longer to metabolize than animal protein.

Whey Protein is considered the most perfect source of protein for people who exercise because protein intake up to 80-90%.

Don't eat too much starch, sugar. Strengthen green vegetables, fruit to offset into the void of the stomach due to the cut of starch.
3. Get enough sleep

When professional sports need to exercise the body will secrete many hormones and hormone testoterone masculine helps develop muscle system, improve circulation and the body's physiology. The hormone testoterone usually endocrine glands the body frees more time you sleep.

The lack of sleep or sleep late often causes you no time to rest, recover. Lack of sleep makes the body produce hormones that cause stress is cortisol. This hormone is the cause of fat trapped in the stomach, slowing metabolism causes easy area of belly fat.

4. Not too many abdominal exercises

This seems contradictory but there are many who just entered the room gym is folded into the abdomen belly nostalgic episode song hundreds of times not well known time zone. Why is that?

You have to understand that the abdominal muscles as well as the other muscle groups, it also needs a break to regenerate, grow. The continuous abdominal exercise that is to create the "hurt" repeatedly and not to break it all abdominal muscles are not developed.

Successor to the abdominal muscles is just small muscle groups, the level of energy-burning is not high. You need to divide the training schedule for the other major muscle groups such as the thighs, legs, back, shoulders, chest, hand alternating with abdominal exercises. When the large muscle groups active it will "burn" the excessive fat in other areas and then finally the fat in the abdomen. Too much training abdominal muscles very easily lead to back injury and especially the spine.
5. Know keep up the training

Reach the abdominal muscles 6 time zones, according to the experience of the expert fitness often takes a minimum of 3 months exercising and eating properly. However, just neglected home and eating get drunk indiscriminately just 1 month is every effort will dissipate, the belly 6 time zones will become ... 1 time zone.

So when you get to heavy exercise abdominal muscles 6 time zone then you don't need the workout too heavy anymore, but just at the level of just jewelry and know more prepared meals to Zico "climax". In General, any results would have to bear the trade-off and you must decide about the lifestyle, the way his activities.

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