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Top 10 highest and lowest country in the world

Genes, environment and nutrition influence to human height, should be the only person higher lands and other lands have only low people.
In a recent study, scientists announced the list of the countries whose average height is most impressive in the world (only for men). Nothing surprises when the Netherlands is the country topped the list with average height is 1, 838m because this country from consistently famous is the land of the people "Giants". In the top 10 are also highly remarkable countries such as Montenegro or Denmark.

The list of 10 world's highest country:

10. Luxembourg-1, 799m

9. Slovenia-1, 803m

8. Czech Republic-1, 8031m

7. Croatia-1, 805m

6. Germany-1, 81m

5. Serbia-1 proved,

4. Norway-1, 824m

3. Denmark-1, 826m

2. Montenegro-1, 832m

1. Netherlands-1, 838m

There is a pretty interesting thing is though the head of the list, the Netherlands has yet to be the world's tallest water because this title belongs to the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, the height of this country's remarkable only to fall into a small region should not be counted. In addition, people living around the area of the Valley of the Nile River, the Great Lakes region of Africa and South-western Ethiopia is considered the real giants on Earth with the average height of males up to 1, 9 m.

In contrast, the height of the lowest land in the world mainly fall in Asia and South America.

Below is a list of 10 lowest water

10. Peru-1, 64 m

9. Nigeria-1, 638m

8. Sri Lanka-1, 636m

7. Ecuador-1, 635m

6. Nepal-1, 63m

5. Cambodia-1, 625m

4. Vietnam-1, 621m

3. Philippines-1, 619m

2. Bolivia – 1, 6 m

1. Indonesia-1, 58 m

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