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Why eat fruits in the morning?

If you choose to eat fruit in the morning, it will be very good for the body, bringing the nutritional value and produce substances that are beneficial to human health.
According to scientific research, the morning is the Golden time to eat fruit. If you choose to eat fruit in the morning, it will be very good for the body, bringing the nutritional value and produce substances that are beneficial to human health.

According to nutrition experts, the morning you should eat these fruits like grapes, pears, apples ... to help the digestion and absorption of nutrients. After a long night of digestive functions, "sleeping alone" need to be activated again. The fruits if eating in the morning will be very suitable for the amount of acid in the fruit not too strong. Sweet and sour taste of them can also help you awake immediately.
Actually, nowadays many people often have the habit of eating fruit after dinner. But according to experts point out that such habits are not beneficial for the body. It is not helpful for the digestive process in the body. Furthermore, eating fruit after dinner can easily lead to overeating, can alter the way the excessive fat and accumulate in the body and easily lead to obesity.
The best time to eat fruit

According to experts, eating the fruit in the morning not only stimulates the appetite but also helps promote the absorption of the vitamin for the human body. After a night of rest, the function of the stomach and intestines still works but the digestive functions almost non-stop activity. So, at this point, the body should be provided with nutrients. It is best you should eat some fruits easily digested and absorbed by the body. Once there, it can provide sufficient nutrients to ensure health for work or learning activities throughout the morning.

Every day, about 10 a.m. after a tiring work, the carbohydrates in the body was also dried up. If you eat fruit at this point, fructose and glucose can quickly absorb into the body to replenish the energy needed by the brain and the body.
In addition, this period is also a time for the body to absorb the nutrients in the food. Large number of vitamins and minerals contained in the fruits may play a good role in promoting the metabolism of the body.
According to research by scientists, 10 am is the time of the stomach works most effectively in all day, so you can choose to eat fruit at this point, it is more advantageous for the body to absorb the nutrients. Eat fruit one hour after meals is also very beneficial to the body, can promote the digestion of food.
What kind of fruit should not be eaten morning
Carbohydrates are fruits: any kind of result would contain high carbohydrates will also increase blood sugar levels in the morning. Fruit juices also have high amounts of carbohydrates and not have the benefits of fiber, so can't help keep blood sugar levels low by most types of juices sold in the market has the phase added a rather large sugar. Dried fruit and canned fruit in the form of syrup also has artificial sugar high fructose, high carbohydrates quantities also even higher in fresh fruit.
The amount of high-acid fruits: a person's stomach completely empty in the morning when we wake up. If your stomach irritability with high acidic foods when eating some fruits at empty stomach can cause you stomach ache. Highly acidic fruits include oranges, lemons, and grapefruit.
Who should not eat fruit in the morning?

The fruit can be a key element of a healthy breakfast, however, eat the fruit in the morning may not be beneficial for some people.
For diabetes patients, as recommended by the doctor who diagnosed diabetes money should move to a healthy diet to avoid the risk of developing diabetes. So, if there is high in carbohydrates quantities of fruit in the morning as we push the blood sugar levels higher than normal.
For those who have poor digestive function should not eat fruit at this point. If not, it can bring side effects on their bodies. People who have sensitive stomach acids in food should also avoid eating acidic fruits high in the morning. . Some other fruits also have high acid number and cause stomach problems, whether they are eaten alone or in combination with other foods

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