Monday, May 22

Why you should exercise every day

You need a reason to exercise? The following are the reasons for you to start.

You think if someone told you that become compact, healthy and living longer are within reach? Incredible listening too right? According to the study, the exercise is the core for a better quality of life.
The regular exercise not only helps in weight loss, but also omitted the risk to diseases as well as chronic condition. Let's find out what activities you like and turn it into a daily routine to get long life and healthy. List the benefits of exercise are extremely significant, and these require very simple back-just embarked on.

The institutions have determined that any amount of exercise, at any age, are beneficial. And in General, if you exercise more then will better. The National Academy of Sciences in the U.S. have encouraged everyone should strive for physical exercise for about 1 hour each day. Sounds a lot but it's actually an hour that can be of many different types of short activity (such as walking, gardening, or even cleaning the House more) throughout the day.

Cardiovascular disease
The regular activities will help the heart muscle stronger; reduce blood pressure, increase the amount of "good" cholesterol (high-density lipoproteins rich or HDL) and reduce the "bad" cholesterol (high-density lipoproteins containing at least or also called LDL); enhance the ability to save blood transfusion, and help for the operation of the heart becomes more efficient. All the benefits of this will reduce the risk of sudden qụy, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Researchers at Duke University strongly think that the amount of physical exercise, rather than the intensity of the exercise, have great influence on the improvement of blood lipid (cholesterol). According to the New England Journal of medicine, the researchers also said that any exercise would also better not file-although many episodes is still better.

Type 2 diabetes
This disease is increasing at an alarming rate – approximately 62% since 1990-and 17 million Americans currently have contracted it. Physical activity can enhance weight loss and help prevent and/or control this condition. Weight loss may help increase insulin sensitivity, improve blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and reduce blood pressure – all these things are very important to the health of the people with diabetes. In a study published in the annals of internal medicine, Frank Hu, m.d. of Harvard School of public health, said that an hour of fast walking every day may reduce the risk of diabetes type 2 to 34%.

Overweight and obesity are the rang tìnht can prevent and treat with the exercise comes to a healthy diet. These activities will help to reduce body fat and increase muscle, thereby improving the ability to burn calories. The combination of reducing calories and exercise daily is your ticket to weight loss. In addition, the control of obesity is also important, since this is the main hazard factor of many diseases. Decreased body index (BMI) is a sure way to minimize the risk of early death and to have a healthy life.
Back pain: low back pain can be adjusted and prevented by a fitness program includes increased health and toughness for the muscles. Have a proper walking posture and a healthy body time zone is the body's best defense for back pain.

The weight exercises (such as walking, jogging, stair climbing, dancing or weightlifting) will make the structure more bones strong and help prevent osteoporosis or bone deficiency commonly seen in women after menopause. The combination of dead food rich in calcium and vitamin D along with the weight assignments would result. According to the daily newspaper of the American Medical Association, the document from the Medical Research of the nurses found that women who walk at least 4 hours per week will have the risk of cracking hip fracture 41% lower than those who walked less than one hour per week

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